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Mission Hills just sold properties!

Mission Hills, zip code 92103 has been a desirable location throughout the year this month is no different. Below is the list of homes that have sold in the last 7 days in Mission Hill’s.


Bed / Bath

Est. Sq. Ft.

Sold Price

3790 Albatross St.




4175 Arden Wy




3330 Goldfinch St




4159 Lark St





Mission Hills had 4 home sales with an average sale price of $1,123,694 and an average of 2,727 sq. ft. Thus making an average of $414.79 per sq. ft.

That said, San Diego’s real estate market continues to recover and become a great opportunity for investment. Mission Hills is one of the areas that keep shows San Diego’s growth week after week.

This is a great opportunity to invest in San Diego and find the dream of your house. Either if you are trying to sell, buy or rent Metro San Diego Realty is here to help!

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Jason Coriano Jason Coriano

Walkability Increases Home Values in San Diego

San Diego is one of the best places to live and rather you are young, old or raising a family. I’m from the mid-west so I have a strong understanding what is to live somewhere else other then San Diego. Currently I live downtown and with out question it is the best place to live when it comes to walkability. Now don’t get me wrong the beach communitiess such as Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach have great walkability but it is hard to aruge that downtown San Diego does not have the best walkability in the state if not the country.

What do I mean by walkability and how does this effect home values well it is quite simple, how easy is it for one to walk to the grocery store, markets, restaurants, etc…  A few of my other favorite places in San Diego is Hillcrest, North Park, South Park, and Mission Hills, they all have a strong walkablitity. This is a direct reflection of home values, so don’t be surprised when these homes in these areas historically sell for more and will sell for more in the future.

Home in more walkable neighborhoods are worth more then similar homes in less-walkable neighborhoods, according to an analysis from CEOs for Cities. The report prepared by Joseph Cortwright, is called “Walking the Walk: How walkability Raises Housing Values in U.S. Cities.” Cortwright analyzed data from 94,000 real estate transactions in 15 major markets.

According to Cortwright’s findings, houses with above-average levels of walkability comand a premium of about $4,000 to $34,000 over houses with just average levls of walkabiliity in the typical metropolitan areas studied. Just a one point increase in walkability increased value from $700 to $3,000, depending on the market. Gains were larger in denser, urban areas such as chicago and San Francisco and smaller in less dense markets such as Tucson and Fresno. In 13 of the 15 markets, higher levels of a walkability were directly linked to high home values.

Walk Score mesures the number of typical consumer destinations within walking distance of a house, with scores ranging from 0 (car dependent) to 100 (most walkable). By the Walk Score measure, walkability is a direct function of how many destinations are located within a short distance. The Walk Score algorithm then assigns a “Walk Score” from 0 to 100. Walk scores above 70 indicate neighborhoods where one can get by without a car.

On all my property detail pages you find find a map with the Walk Score. This is great way to determine what area of San Diego you most like to live in. (Click link for an example: Hillcrest Homes For Sale). Please reach out to me if you would like to see more information about a certain area of San Diego.

Jason Coriano Jason Coriano

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