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SOLD in North Park this past week

2534 Howard
   1/1     550   $260,000    $472
3616 Orange    2/1     680   $340,000    $500
4111 Swift    4/3     1,021   $409,000    $400
3075 Dwight St    2/1     768   $367,500    $478
2504 Montclair    3/2     1,867   $770,000    $412
Average     977   $429,300    $452

Sales are hot in North Park!!! Based on the homes that closed this past week they had stayed on the market an average of 28 days.  Our average sales price last week was $429,300 with an average of 977sq. ft.  Thus making a total of $452 per sq. ft.

***REMINDER*** 6144 Camino Rico in Del Cerro is still for Sale! 4bd/2.5Ba with amazing views! for $789,000

Call me today at 619.665.5360 or email  I look forward to hearing from you!

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How do you choose a Neighborhood?

There are so many things to consider when you’re searching for the neighborhood of your dreams: Architectural style, safety, amenities and your commute, just to name a few. And knowing where to start can be daunting. But there are 10 essentials you simply can’t overlook. Keep reading to find out what those are so you can start your start for the perfect neighborhood.




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Selling and Buying in San Diego

March is usually the start to San Diego’s peak buying season and is generally the month in which activity in the housing market picks up, as weather improves and some families plan to move during the summer but last month was also the slowest for a March in 5 years.

Last month, 3,057 homes sold for a median $427,000. That’s a boost in activity from February’s 2,541 sales at a median $410,000, but it was a nearly 20 % drop from the sales in March 2013.

The numbers look low because real estate appreciation slowed down due to the decline in bank-owned homes thus the market has been getting back to normal!  Now there are less biding wars and a greater chance of getting the home you want! Also, investor purchases have March 2014 there were 6,223 active listings, foreclosed homes made up 5% of the inventory, in March 2011 there was 12,000 but foreclosed homes made up 33%.

The steady increase in home prices and increasing mortgage rates may also be keeping prices from appreciating drastically. Rates for a 30-year-fixed mortgage rose to an average 4.34 % in March, up from 3.57 % a year earlier, according to Freddie Mac.

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Little Know Facts about San Diego

1. San Diego is the birthplace of California. The first European exploration of the West Coast was by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese navigator sailing for Spain, who landed in San Diego on September 28, 1542.

2. San Diego County has the most missions in the state, with four in all: Mission San Diego de Alcala, Mission San Luis Rey, Mission San Antonio de Pala and Mission Santa Ysabel.

3. The first person to drive over the landmark San Diego-Coronado bridge, which opened in 1969 connecting downtown San Diego with Coronado, was Ronald Reagan.

4. The San Diego International Airport is the busiest, single-runway major airport in the nation and the second in the world after London Gatwick.

5. Between The Old Globe and the Tony Award-winning La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego has sent moreshows to Broadway than any other city in the U.S.

6. The Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla is the largest oceanographic museum in the country.

7. The Giant Dipper, a classic, wooden roller coaster in Belmont Park along Mission Beach, is one of only two ocean-side coasters on the West Coast. Built in 1925, it is also the only roller coaster in the U.S. to have National Landmark status and to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

8. San Diego County has the largest number of farms (almost 7,000) in the U.S. and ranks first in the nation for value of floriculture, nursery, greenhouse and sod products. San Diego County also produces the mostavocados of any region in the country.

9. The Hotel Del Coronado has hosted ten United States presidents, including the first state dinner held outside the White House in 1970. The resort also unveiled the world’s first electrically lighted, outdoor Christmas tree in 1904.

10. The University of California, San Diego’s Geisel Library in La Jolla houses the world’s largest collection of original Dr. Suess manuscripts and other materials. Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel) was a one-time resident of La Jolla.

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Bank Owned Luxury House Just Listed in La Jolla San Diego

Just listed in REO La Jolla Luxury House that needs work but in the best location of La Jolla San Diego. Looking for a Deal in La Jolla then look no further 2 blocks from the cliffs. Don’t pass up on this Bank Owned foreclosure in La Jolla.
MLS# 110056053
514 Bonair Pl 92037
Price: $964,900
 2124 sq ft
 3 Beds
 3 Baths
Gorgeous 2 story immaculate home!! This gem is in heart of La Jolla on very quiet street near beach.Spanish style home plans capture the essence of sunny Mediterranean Spain and incorporate a rich and varied history of Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance decorative styles, This luxury home is a MUST SEE and will not last!!!
Did I mention Bank Owned House!!
Set up your tour today by emailing or call 619.665.53360
Find more on the link below
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NFL Player and Owner of La Jolla House Sues for Millions

Here is a great story of why it is so important to hire a knowledgeable home inspector and knowledgeable San Diego Real Estate Agent when purchasing or selling a home that has been remodeled in La Jolla near the cliffs/canyon or anywhere in San Diego for that matter.

NFL star Troy Polamalu and his wife are suing the son of local billionaire Ernest Rady, saying he sold them a $4.75 million La Jolla home whose backyard then collapsed into a canyon.

Polamalu and his wife, Theodora, say in their lawsuit that they purchased a home on Colgate Circle, near La Jolla Scenic Drive, in 2009 and spent more than $2.3 million improving it. Then last December, the suit says, about 2,000 square feet of their backyard collapsed, following an earlier landslide in January 2010.La Jolla Houses for Sale Million Dollars

The Polamalus blame Rady. Their attorney, Stuart M. Eppsteiner, said in a statement that Rady essentially “bought an old house in La Jolla, tore it down to the foundation, built a new house, and imported 4,000 cubic yards of soil to create a large backyard extending out into a canyon. Unfortunately for the Polamalus, Rady never disclosed the grading, let alone the fact that it was performed without permits, inspections or approvals from the City of San Diego. The concealed and unpermitted work has literally slid into the canyon behind the home.”

Polamalu is a defensive back with the Pittsburgh Steelers, known for his giant head of hair and the skills on the field that helped lead his team to the Super Bowl in January. Last season, the Associated Press named him NFL Defensive Player of the year. He played collegiate football at the University of Southern California.

The Polamalus are suing Rady along with a construction company, a corporation linked to Rady, a real estate company and a real estate agent, seeking damages of $7.5 million.

These types of incidents happen more then you know. Many of times as the buyer it could be avoided by asking for proof of the permits and the city approval documents for the work perviously completed. If the seller could not produce this paperwork then you and your San Diego real estate agent must deiced if you would like to pursue this house further. The next step is you can go down to the city building commission office and ask if there have been permits pulled on a house at “123 main st”. The next step would be if you were able to determine that there were some permits approved on the house but you still don’t feel comfortable. Then the next thing to do is hire your own inspector that specializes in grading approvals for land improvements along cliffs or canyons.

From the sellers side if you are a seller that did un-permited work on your home it is always best to be forth right and disclose that it is not permited and that further investionation buyer is recommended. Once you have disclosed this material fact and the buyers have signed off that they are aware of the none-permited work and have agreed to purchase the property in its present condition you can rest easy. You may still get sued if something happens to the property however you can pull out your form that states the buyer was aware of the work that was completed and that it was not approved by the city. This will help your case when you stand in front of a judge.

In the end Disclose, Disclose and Disclose!

If you have questions about how to sell your home then call me and let me interview for the right to sell your San Diego Home! 619.665.5360 or email

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Investors are Flocking Back for Flipping Houses in San Diego

I wanted to share this great story about an flipping houses in a up and coming neighborhood this Story was presented by Voice of San Diego.

A popsicle vendor pushed his cart past a gutted two-story house on Island Avenue in Sherman Heights. For just a moment as he passed, the familiar tinkle of his bells drowned out another sound, one that’s become increasingly common in this Latino neighborhood east of downtown: a nail gun’s pop pop pop.San Diego Houses for sale

On the back porch of the house, Lannon Turowski was reinforcing decayed wooden beams with crisp two-by-fours. He’s been working on the house “weekend warrior-style” since February, trying to restore it and get it ready to sell by May.

He moved to California two years ago from Cedarburg, Wis. He’s also considering buying out his friend’s half of the house (they went in on it together last year) and moving in there himself.

“You can go up on the balcony and see the Coronado Bridge on one side and Petco Park on the other side. You can’t get that anywhere else,” he said. “My real estate agent said, ‘I’m telling you, Sherman Heights is the last affordable housing left in San Diego.’”

It is also one of the few neighborhoods in San Diego whose white population has increased in the last 10 years. Since 2000, in the western portion of Sherman Heights closer to downtown, Latinos have decreased from 83 percent to 70 percent of the neighborhood’s population, according to Census data. The percentage of the white population has doubled, from 10 percent to 20 percent. (As illustrated in the graphic below, the darker the purple, the more the white population grew.)

In California, San Diego County and the city, communities have overwhelmingly experienced growth in their Latino populations. Ironically but perhaps not surprisingly, in Sherman Heights and many Latino neighborhoods surrounding downtown, the opposite is true. The downtown development boom of the last decade and its inland crawl through East Village, punctuated by the construction of Petco Park, is beginning to alter the historic and symbolic centers of San Diego’s Mexican community.

The signs of that shift are visible on nearly every residential block in Sherman Heights, where one after another, aging and faded Craftsman or Victorian homes are being gutted and restored. They’re being converted from multi-family properties — once rented by Latinos — back into single-family homes. At least five full-scale restorations were underway within three blocks of Turowski’s house this week.

San Diego Investors for Flipping Houses

Turowski is converting his house from the rented duplex it once was back into a single-family home. (continue reading…)

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Home prices showing a great sign of recovery.

Here is a great article from the LA Times:

Home prices ended the year on a high note in 2010, according to the latest government figures.

For only the second time since the sector’s 2005 collapse, the average price of both new and previously owned houses sold registered a year-over-year gain. It wasn’t much, at least not by pre-crash standards — just 3.5% — but it was more than respectable given the nation’s economic doldrums.

Of course, your local market may not have turned the corner just yet. But in another positive sign, the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s survey of the country’s 32 largest metropolitan statistical areas found that prices were up in 19 markets and practically unchanged in another.

The FHFA’s survey is based on data from a sample of lenders, which report the terms and conditions on all single-family mortgages closed during the last five days of the month.

It does not include government-backed financing or refinanced mortgages, both of which tend to be somewhat lower than conventional mortgages. So the findings are skewed higher than they otherwise would be. Nevertheless, a housing market looking for any shred of good news will take heart in the latest numbers.

At the same time, the FHFA figures include distressed sales, which add a downward pull to the results. Stan Humphries, vice president of data and analytics at Zillow, the online real estate marketplace, said foreclosures can sell for 20% to 40% less than other properties, depending on the number of such properties on the market at any given time. (continue reading…)

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La Jolla Homes are Expensive but has the price came down

La Jolla is the pearl of San Diego, it is highly regarded and very sought after. The homes in La Jolla range from small 2 bedrooms to large ocean front homes high on top of the Cliffs of La Jolla Shores.

I took a look back at the data from 2009 and 2010 to see which way the market is going in the area of the million dollar homes. I just pulled Single Family Homes in 92037 to get a more focused an accurate data.

In 2009 there were 258 homes sold. In 2010 there were 252 homes sold.

Medium price for 2009 was $1,415,000 and the Medium price for 2010 was $1,350,000

That is a over all decrease of -4.6% in home sales and sale price. This is interesting because like a stated earlier in this, La Jolla is very sought after however the competition is less as the home values are higher. So there is more competition at $400,000 then at $800,000 and over.

Call me or email me for more information and the detail reports on La Jolla homes for sale. or 619.665.5360

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Tax Deduction on Mortgage Interest Will Stay in Place

I had a gentleman walk-in to the office the other night and he started asking many questions about the San Diego Real Estate market and where it is and where it was and where it is headed. As I was in discussions with him about those topics and my position we started talking about the fed buying bonds back and the Bush Tax Cuts how this would benefit the San Diego real estate market (you can find my positions on those topics in early articles) it lead us to a topic that is on everyones mind which is will the fed do away with the tax deduction on mortgage interest…? So let me dive into this topic and give you my insight on this.

The feds have a plan that called for elimination several tax deductions, cutting social security (or raising the age), raising gas tax (15%), cutting Medicare by $400 billion and discretionary spending by over $1.6 trillion by 2020. Among the tax deductions to go is the mortgage interest deduction, which allows homeowners to deduct their interest payments on their mortgage from their taxable income. The proposal is to turn it into a tax credit with a cap on eligible mortgages at $500,000 and eliminating tax benefits for home equity loans and second homes

NAR, the National Association of Realtors, has responded to this proposal saying that the interest deduction is fundamental to the stability of the already ailing housing market. However, proponents of this say that lower income homeowners and the government will be able to save tons of money over time.

Currently, if individual taxpayers itemize their deductions they can deduct their interest payment on mortgages of up to $1MM for their first and second home as well as for their home equity loans up to $100,000. Most people who itemize their taxes tend to be wealthier people while most in the lower middle and lower will go with the standard deduction. With the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy on the chopping board, understandably the wealthy can be seen as targeted, but like it or not, the middle class can use all the help it can get right now. By converting the mortgage interest deduction to a tax nonrefundable 12% tax credit, everyone would be able to take advantage of this savings (you don’t have to itemize as you would to receive your deduction). Also, cutting the mortgage interest to $500,000 instead of $1MM could leave some richer people with a larger tax bill.

Still, like it or not, the mortgage interest deduction has not been paramount in people making the decision to buy a home, so demand would not be directly affected. US wide last quarter shows a 2% drop in home prices. In San Diego, home prices grew from last month however volume was way down which indicates a future market downturn. If the deduction were to turn into a credit it would surely affect higher priced houses more than lower priced house. In San Diego, 75% of the volume we are experiencing are for homes under $500,000, so the more expensive homes would be devalued even more so than they already are from lack of demand but this may be good news for the majority of home values.

Over all I don’t expect to this to see the light of day and it will be dead on arrival, our country is built on home ownership and it is the back bone to what Americans know. Real Estate effects us all positively and negatively as we have see over the last 10 years. Times were great and times were down, now is the time to move forward.

If you have any questions please give me call or shot me an email with your questions at 619.665.5360 or

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